Week of March 13

Algebra 1 – Test Tuesday – Practice Test is Homework. Test will begin at the beginning of class as most students will need the full time. Please come to school early if you have questions over the Practice Test or Quadratic Applications Review Page.

Geometry – Test Wednesday – Review Guide is Homework

Week of Jan 30

Algebra 1 – We will have a take home quiz to complete Wednesday NIGHT, DUE Thursday. Our unit 2a Test is on Friday.

Geometry – We will quiz on Wednesdat over what we have learned so far in the similarity unit.

Week of January 16th

Both Classes – Make sure you are bringing your calculator everyday. Phones are not to be used as calculators. You will not be able to use your phone as a calculator on quizzes, tests, or the EOC, so it is important to have a calculator that you are familiar with to use for those types of thing.

Algebra 1 – Quiz Wednesday over 1.1-1.3 (Unit Conversions and Number Systems.) Make sure your keeper is up to date.

Geometry – Quiz Wednesday over 1.1-1.4 (Angle Relationships, Triangles, Transformations)  Make sure your keeper is up to date.