Week of May 15

Algebra 1: Multistep Equations, Literal Equations,  Equations to Solve for Missing Angles, Triangles. Quiz Monday 5/22

Geometry: Factoring: GCF, Trinomials, Difference of Squares, Solve by factoring, Quiz 5/22

EOCs Begin Monday

Algebra 1 and Geometry:

EOC Milestones tests are Monday and Tuesday. We will test the full time on both days. Please review your study guides this weekend, and complete any remaining USA test prep assignments. I have also posted the State Study Packet/Practice Tests under the individual course tabs.


Be on time.

Bring your calculator!

Bring your pencils!

Go to bed early and get lots of rest before testing!

Eat a good breakfast.


Week of May 1st

Algebra – Continue EOC Review. We will take a practice Test on Wednesday. USA Test Prep Homework will be assigned starting Tuesday.

Extra Help for EOC continues before and after school this week. See Last weeks post for detailed schedule.

Geometry – Continue EOC Review. We will take a practice Test on  Wednesday USA Test Prep Homework will be assigned starting MONDAY.

Before school extra help sessions continue this week: See last weeks post for detailed schedule.

Geometry Extra Credit Assignment is due Friday May 5th. (See Previous Post for Details)

Week of April 24th

Algebra 1

Our Unit Test is Wednesday over Data and Statistics. Students were assigned a take home quiz on Friday that is Due in Class on Monday.

The Algebra 1 Team is have EOC Review Sessions starting this week. Sessions are after school and before school leading up to our EOC on May 8th and 9th. The schedule can be accessed  here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5S56FG0hwsXWVRsM0ppNlJEUjQ/view


We are beginning our Constructions unit. Students need to bring a compass and straight edge to class with them daily. For Students in Geometry who have a homework average above 80% there is an extra credit opportunity.

The Geometry Team is also having review sessions before school leading up to the EOC. The schedule can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5S56FG0hwsXZW1meHl1VzZrbkk/view

EOC Extra Credit

Geometry students are allowed to replace one grade (test or quiz) by completing practice EOC Tests on USA Test Prep, under the following conditions:

  • A student may not replace a test or quiz that is a zero.
  • The student must have a homework average of 80% or higher.
  • The student must complete at least two practice tests and receive a score of 50 or higher on at least two of the practice tests. The best score will count as their replacement grade.
  • The student must turn in work in order for the tests to count. The work must be numbered and all steps must be shown. No tests will be accepted without the work that matches the test.
  • The tests must be in one of the following domains:


Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry


  • The practice tests must be completed by the end of the school day Friday, May 5th.


Week of April 17

Algebra 1 – We are beginning our unit on data and statistics, We will take a quiz in class on Friday, and will test Wednesday April 26.

Geometry – Our unit test on Probability is Thursday April 20. Students will need to bring a compass to class starting on Friday as we begin our unit on Geometric Constructions. Office Depot or Staples will have inexpensive compasses. Here is a link to a quality compass that will work for the students:


Week of March 13

Algebra 1 – Test Tuesday – Practice Test is Homework. Test will begin at the beginning of class as most students will need the full time. Please come to school early if you have questions over the Practice Test or Quadratic Applications Review Page.

Geometry – Test Wednesday – Review Guide is Homework